Stop giving your kids juice.

Once upon a time, juice was the king of healthy drinks – what could be better than a nice glass of OJ with your breaky? Healthy vitamin C, thiamin, potassium and low in fat and sodium. Now we know better. Or some of us do. I am surprised at how the science of sugar and what it does to our […]

Drive more traffic to your website

16 sure-fire strategies to increase traffic to your website A fundamental business question, no matter what decade you live in, is “how do I get my products/services in front of potential customers?” Whilst the question remains the same, the answer differs greatly depending on which decade you live in. In the 50s the answer might have been door to door […]

Marketing and planned obsolescence

I was recently sent a file from a colleague only to find that I couldn’t open it with my version of software. So rather than spending up big to buy the latest version, I decided to upgrade to the next version along, saving a few dollars for a perfectly adequate version. This involved buying a newer set of disks and […]

Debunking Ab Challenges

I’ve recently seen a lot of friends and family doing “30 day ab-challenges” or other such programs. Well, as a personal trainer, I would like to help by debunking a few abdominal myths. First and foremost I would like to tell you that doing 600 crunches a day will not, I’ll repeat that, NOT get you that 6-pack you would […]

Blind Consumerism

A friend recently posted a question on Facebook that fanned a small flame that has been burning in the back of my mind for some time. He drew attention to a seemingly innocuous message that sits at the bottom of various emails I receive, “Sent from my iPhone.” The question in my mind is, do people realise that it appears? […]

The Power of Language

I’ve been following the recent media coverage of the disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. At every twist and turn of the mystery has been an array of coverage. Reading the Nine MSN site, I have seen the most sensational, emotive and far-fetched headlines. Fuelling the improbable terrorist claims they have used every tiny piece of information to draw […]