Graphic Design

megaphone maneI am passionate about graphic design, but more importantly I see design as a powerful tool that enhances businesses. In a split second, the ‘look’ of your business demonstrates so much: how professional you are, the clientele you have and will attract, your market position and your product/service personality. It is the first impression that a potential customer has of your business.

Your design is critical to your commercial success. It enables you to carve a unique space in your chosen market, attract customers and show the world you are a serious about who you are and what you do.

Good design positions you as a leader in your field and builds brand loyalty.

My background in strategic marketing ensures that I understand your underlying business objectives. And my talent and efficiency as a designer delivers affordable designs that you will love. I specialise in logo design, print materials, corporate identity and providing clever solutions for businesses. I have a particular interest in typography and the use of colour to evoke emotional reactions. I deliver great graphic design above and beyond expectations.

Check out my recent work.

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